Tailored to You

I come from a background of strong women and have always been taught if you feel good, you’ll have a good attitude to meet your day. A goal with my interior design firm is to translate that philosophy to every client’s surroundings, particularly in their home.

I believe the home is the “hub of life,” the place where you rest, dream, build families, celebrate, heal, invite your friends, and create memories just being yourself. All my residential interior design work is focused on creating a functional living space with custom details that are as unique as your lifestyle.

I know that what makes a space come alive is the people who live there. I work with all the senses to create an experience of home that is as individual as you are. A well-designed room awakens the senses and inspires function. MARLENE DESIGN + CO. is an interior design firm built on my passion for creating balanced spaces that provide a sense of comfort and excitement to your environment.

Let’s Discuss Your Design Ideas
Let’s Discuss Your Design Ideas

An Interior Design Firm Specializing in Making Your Vision Come to Life