Testimonials and Praise

The exceptional service that we received from Marlene was beyond compare. From the initial design to the final details, she handled every aspect of our project with the utmost professionalism. We were amazed how well she captured our style, while also staying within our budget. Marlene has an impeccable eye for detail and is a very innovative designer. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and couldn’t be happier with our new dream space!

Allison Purdy

When I first met Marlene, I was just looking for a consult with a designer to give me confidence in my plans to renovate my master bath. She worked with my ideas and brought them to life on paper, making stunning drawings that my contractor called the most detailed he’s seen. She went above and beyond my expectations, directing the cabinetmaker repeatedly until he delivered what she knew I wanted. She helped me to feel confident in my materials decisions and I soon came to depend on her to steer me to sources for doors, windows and hardware. By then I was hooked on Marlene’s beautiful taste and delightful company. As I went on to decorate the master bedroom, I relied on her to consult on all my choices and to provide sources and workrooms. I am sad that the decorating is about finished because I will miss seeing Marlene at my home, which she has helped me to transform into my vision.

Ellen Docili

Marlene has a special keen eye, that seriously designs and creates, communicates and delivers a beautiful space in your home with such professionalism.

She not only designed a custom sofa with beautifully textured pillows, reupholstered a chair, purchased office pieces for my business and home, but chose paint colors, lighting, area rugs, hardware and more to make me feel so happy with my rustic, Cape Cod, French influenced style that I completely love and enjoy. A design story for sure. I am forever grateful. 

Sherrie Frizelle

I first met Marlene twelve years ago when I moved to Walnut Creek. She helped me transition my furnishings into a new home. Over the years she has guided me in designing the home of my dreams. Marlene possesses impeccable taste and attention to detail. She listens to my vision, makes suggestions, has guided me through the process and nails it every time.

The budget did not allow for an all in one remodel so I’ve had to make changes as funds were available including new lighting throughout, paint selection, new windows, flooring, remodeled fireplace, custom furniture, master bedroom, custom exterior door and hardware. Marlene has managed each project in a professional manner and successfully resolved concerns that came up to my complete satisfaction. The result is a sophisticated, comfortable, cohesive design pulled together over the course of 11 years.

Did I mention she’s a delightful person and a pleasure to work with?

Ann Heusted

After designing an amazing kitchen for my sister, I decided to hire Marlene to design the kitchen and master bath in my new home. I was a little nervous to spend the extra money on a designer, but I believe, in doing so, that I came out ahead in every way: overall expense, quality, custom-feel, and implementing features I couldn’t have dreamed would have worked in the original 1990 design.

First and foremost, Marlene is extremely professional, punctual, attentive, and she is on top of every aspect of the design process. Not only that, but she is not afraid to address any issues with contractors firmly but always gracefully. I lived in my house while both rooms were being worked on, and I rarely felt stressed. Marlene’s take-charge work ethic kept me calm.

In addition to being a joy to work with, Marlene also has an exceptional eye. It doesn’t matter if she loves or doesn’t care for your style (though she would never tell anyone that!), she truly listens and stays true to what you like but helps you make it even better! She will not force any ideas on you. She will give you what you want and, in fact, more than you expected. In addition to style, she makes sure that the design is functional.

Prior to my remodel, my kitchen was dark with a pocket door entrance, a few cabinets, appliances and space at a bay window at the far end where nothing really looked like it belonged. The kitchen felt cramped and awkward. I hated it. I was concerned that, even remodeled, it would look pretty on first glance but annoy me every time I entertained. In our first meeting, we discussed that my main goals were more storage, brightening the space and converting the bay window to a banquette. In the end, I have a pantry, which I never thought would fit, a beautiful & cozy banquette with lighting and built-in storage in the benches, and a huge peninsula with under-counter storage & seating. She also found a way to fit in my dream refrigerator (quite a bit larger than my previous one) and a microwave/convection combo oven as I wanted a double oven but didn’t want to waste space.

My master bathroom was the worst room in the house. Marlene knew I loved marble but don’t want the upkeep, and she designed an absolute oasis with porcelain marble tile, gold fixtures and black accents. I took a gamble and trusted Marlene on a modern black and glass barn door, and it’s one of the features I love most and get tons of compliments on.

Lastly, Marlene handles pretty much everything. She even receives appliances, flooring, tile, etc. and makes sure they arrive undamaged. If something arrives not up to par, you won’t be bothered with calling and returning. She makes every part easy for you. Not only that, but she sticks RIGIDLY to your budget. If something changes and the cost is more, she will never move forward without discussing it with you, even if it’s a small amount. She respects you, your design aesthetic, and your budget.

If you are considering anything from space planning to a total remodel, you will be thrilled with Marlene. She will give you an amazing design that you will love, and she will not disappoint you. My tip is that if there are one or two things she suggests and feels strongly about it, just trust her. It may be something that is difficult to imagine, but you will love it because it will not look like you neighbor’s house. It will be a space you walk into every day and think “I love my house!”.

Gina McGaha


A well designed room goes beyond just the materials, colors and textures. Function is crucial to making a space an environment that people want to spend time in. My favorite part of designing is creating a functional space that is custom to each clients personal style. There is no greater reward than seeing a client inspired to live well through the process of home interior design.