Lighting is one of the best ways to add ambiance to any space – and your outdoor living spaces are no different. Here’s three ways to add light to your backyard that will elevate your interior decoration and add all the ambiance and mood setting you need whether you’re entertaining or relaxing.

Add a little twinkle with string lights.

We’ve all seen the popular string lights from outdoor restaurants to wedding events and pool parties. These string lights will add an extra sparkle with their gold tipped ends and metal cut Moroccan pattern. Need an interior designer’s help? Contact MARLENE DESIGN + CO.

Image source: 20 Gold Bulb String Lights

Image source: Galvanized Moroccan String Lights 12.5′

Add a fire pit

Create a “wow factor” and keep the heat going into the evening. A fire pit can bring people together for fun smores and storytelling. As an interior designer, I love using stunning fire pits to center and bring style to outdoor spaces.

Image source: Ixtapa Round Fire Table

Add ambiance and keep the bugs away with outdoor candles.

Interior decoration needs to be beautiful and functional. These make great practical and stylish additions to your space. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Image source: Chrysanthemum Citronella Candle

Image source: 17-Wick Patio Citronella Candle

Image source: Sea Salt Citronella Candle

Small Interior Decoration Changes Can Make a Big Impact

To elevate and improve your space’s interior decoration, sometimes minor tweaks can make a big statement. From lighting to candles to accent pillows, you can bring your style into a room and truly make it shine. Have a project in mind and are in need of direction? MARLENE DESIGN + CO. is your interior designer with a passion for creative living. From simple interior decoration to full renovations, we help clients bring their vision to life.

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