blog 1Each new year brings exciting options for materials, finishes, and design ideas for your home, and this year is no different! We thought it would be fun to take a quick look at three trends we think will help define 2018.

Curved Sofas

European designs remain popular stateside and French-inspired curved sofas are a stylish option that bring a contemporary yet inviting feel to living spaces. Their soft lines look wonderful when used to complement other straight-edged pieces. Available in a wide range of shapes, materials, and sizes, curved sofas also make conversation easier, as their shape allows people to comfortably face each other.   

Moody Dark Walls

While white walls will never fall out of favor, 2018 interior trends are moodier, giving rooms a sophisticated atmosphere. Colors range from charcoal grey to dark blue and everything in between. Emerald green, Chile red, and even shades of black are being used to create intimate spaces that make a dramatic design statement. And, this is a trend where you don’t have to go all in to pack a powerful design punch. Not sure about a dark-hued bedroom or dining room? Try the look in a powder room first. Or, for a completely unexpected approach, try a dark color on the ceiling.

Mixing Metals

Combining favorite metals is a great interior design strategy that adds interest and depth to a space. Used in furniture, kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting, and accessories, there are many opportunities to mix metals and make a real statement about your design style. With so many metals to choose from – copper, bronze, gold, matte black, polished nickel, chrome or pewter – the best way to pull this off is by picking a single dominant metal as the base for the room and to use one or two different metals as accents.

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One of the most rewarding parts about working with an interior designer is discovering how fun it can be to think outside the box. No matter what the trending styles, you’re the final judge of what works best for your space.

While you may already have a clear vision for your home, an interior designer brings a trained eye and creative mindset that helps you bring it to life. My job is to guide you when choosing what works best with your home’s architectural style and your family’s needs. To learn more, contact us today to discuss your design goals.