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Self-taught, award-winning designer Sarah Richardson is one of my interior design heroes. For nearly 20 years, her spectacular transformations have turned ordinary spaces into wow-factor rooms that beautifully reflect her passion for interior design.

I love both her range of style and her fearless approach to taking on new challenges. From finding new ways to expand her business, Sarah Richardson Design, to embracing new and exciting home products, her creativity, entrepreneurship, and industry leadership represents everything an interior designer is meant to be.

She Loves What She Does

Professionally, Sarah describes herself as an interior designer, entrepreneur, writer, producer, and TV personality, in that order. As a mom, she loves crafting Halloween costumes for her two young daughters.

Sarah’s dedication to interior design is almost as well-known as her fun-loving approach to the process. And because client collaboration is a critical part of her philosophy, she makes it her goal to have everyone “learn a little, laugh a lot, and love the results!”

Three fast facts about interior designer Sarah Richardson:

  • She was born and still lives in Toronto, Ontario and is married to childhood friend, Alexander Younger, the founder of Design Lab.
  • She began her career as a behind-the-scenes set decorator and prop stylist.
  • As a teenager she was nicknamed “Mother” for her tendency to take care of everyone.

A Fun Approach to Home Interior Design

For Sarah, good home design is a thoughtful and passionate pursuit that should never be too serious. As an interior designer, she’s instinctively drawn to design that is playful yet practical and ready to stand the test of time.

Her innate charm and inimitable style made it inevitable that Sarah would step out from behind the scenes and take her in place in front of the cameras. Since the late 1990s, Sarah’s has been happily sharing her fun and inspiring approach to décor and interior home design with viewers around the world.

In addition to her three shows on HGTV, she’s the contributing design editor for Canadian Home & Country magazine, has written two books, and has a fabric line with Kravet Inc. Her growing line of signature products also includes custom furniture and home textiles.

A Shared Interior Designer Passion

Like Sarah, I’m an interior designer who believes in creating functional living spaces with custom design details that are as unique as your lifestyle. I share her belief that an upbeat and easy-going approach to interior design can inspire and empower people to have the home they desire. Through my interior design services, you’ll see my love for blending design integrity, quality, and value to create interiors that are classically and casually elegant.

I truly believe that thinking outside the box and taking chances as an interior designer can be fun for everyone! If you’re interested in creating the best interior space that reflects your personality and enhances your lifestyle, browse my interior design services and contact Marlene Design + Co. today to discuss all your design goals.