blog 2Most of the clients I meet, know the feeling they want to create in their homes, but aren’t always sure about how to make it happen. Working with an interior designer to get it just right, is what makes it more comfortable, enjoyable, and uniquely “you”.

Interior Decoration Trends

I love using my passion for design to help a client bring a fresh and exciting look to their home, creating one-of-a-kind interiors that are both functional and beautiful.

It’s always fun to discover and read about new trends in interior design. Here are some favorites that have recently caught my eye. I hope they help create a decorating spark in you like they did for me!

Pillow Details

Décor trends come and go, but throw pillows are a consistent staple that make updating a room a snap. A simple swap out of pillows is an easy way to really transform a room. The hottest throw pillow trends this year include using trim in modern ways, especially fringe; adding leather details like straps; and matching or complementary skinny welting (piping) that emphasizes the pillow’s silhouette. I think pillows are the perfect example of how the smallest change can have the biggest impact!

Shades of Green

Mother Nature loves green and for good reason – there are so many beautiful shades to work with. From emerald to sage, green as a color choice brings both personality and peacefulness to any space it encompasses. Use this naturally relaxing color on walls, furniture, rugs, and decorative pillows and accessories.

Bold and Vibrant Accent Colors

Pantone has named Ultra Violet its color of the year for 2018; Sherwin Williams has chosen the rich blue Oceanside; and Benjamin Moore has selected the strong, radiant red Caliente as its entry for dramatic color choices. No matter which one you respond to, they all have one thing in common: they add vibrancy to any room they’re used in. Use bold accent colors to lend a fresh perspective to a room’s overall style.

Learn More

Successful interior decoration is all in the details, the little things that add up to create the space you’ve always wanted. The services of a professional interior designer can help you determine the products and designs that work best for you.

To learn more about 2018’s interior design trends or to schedule a consultation, reach out to MARLENE DESIGN + CO. today.